Friday, 8 January 2016

Star Wars character generation.

The plan is to start playing Star Wars: Edge of the Empire next week (although I have another GeekFest meeting, meaning we may not have a whole bunch of time). If you want to think about characters, here is a link to a handy character generator spreadsheet. We will need to check over characters you create and make sure everything is going to work, but the spreadsheet will give you some idea of what is possible.

Co-incidentally, the holiday program session next thursday is 'Introduction to Sci Fi Roleplaying' and will be about Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

Please note that as I only have the core rulebook for Edge of the Empire, we have only eight races and six careers to choose from, although the spreadsheet has an enormous number to choose from. The core species and careers are all at the top of their respective lists.
Available species are:

  • Bothan
  • Droid
  • Gand
  • Human
  • Rodia
  • Trandoshan
  • Twi'lek
  • Wookie
Available careers are:
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Colonist
  • Explorer
  • Hired Gun
  • Smuggler
  • Technician
Each career has three 'specialisations', (for instance, if you want to be a pilot, that's a specialisation of Smuggler, Mercenary is a Hired Gun speciality etc.) all of these are listed in the spreadsheet, and all of them are available.

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  1. Looking forward to my twi'lek techi :3 gonna be gewd ;)