Sunday, 3 January 2016

New RPG session starts this week - Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

With the release of Episode VII (and more importantly, the CGI series Star Wars: Rebels!) the time is ripe for Edge of the Empire! This Thursday I plan to launch a new RPG session, playing mercenaries, bounty hunters, smugglers and other denizens of the outer rim. Some of you may be familiar with the SW:EotE rules - some time ago we played the beginner game. It's a very simple system to grasp, and rewards story telling and imaginative play.

I am looking for FOUR players. If you are interested, either post a comment below or email me.
We will carry out character generation and play the opening chapter of the campaign on Thursday Jan 7th.


  1. I, Bradley Denney, claim my rightful position at this event.

    1. Nay says I, for I am the eldest Bradley and the first position is mine by birthright!

  2. "That might be cool" - Riley Smith 6/01/2016