Saturday, 15 March 2014

Painting session Thursday 20th

Example painted figures from Eureka Miniatures website. Ours will not look quite like this. Or even much like this really.

In preperation for the Easter Holiday Program we will spend part of this Thursday's session painting the Terrible Toads of the Swamps or Surpassing Stench and some of the Ninja Commando Easter Bunnies. All paints, burshes etc. will be provided, and since the figures were purchased with club funds, all paintists will be able to lay claim to some of them for later use! Huzzah!
I have developed quick and easy painting techniques for both types of figure, so no experience with the brush will be needed to take part.


  1. Aww damn, wish I could have made it! On my way home today, so I'll see you and the gang on Thurs, can't wait! You'll hear all about my adventures then :) Hope you'be been having fun! But not too much, without me :P

    Amy :)

    1. Weeeellll.... we could always do some more painting this week. It was only Brad and I last time.