Thursday, 4 May 2017

The Wreck of the Herald of Eagles: Dice Chucker returns to Gippsland Gamers

Next week (ie: the 11th) we will return to the ravaged world of Harran and once more sail the pirate-riddled skylanes! Yes - Dice Chucker is returning for a new campaign in the Skyships of Harran setting.

Three weeks out from Aun en route to Yinnar, the skyship Herald of Eagles skims across the ocean, held a hundred feet up by the gently glowing runes engraved on her keel by the finest Gleeb skywrights. You stand about the deck, watching the marvels of the ocean, enjoying the wind in your hair and talking of the bright future which awaits you on the newly settled skisland of Yinnar. The day is warm, the sky clear, and flying fish leap from the waves beneath, but then, with the suddenness so characteristic of these tropical waters, clouds close in, the wind picks up, and the rains come down. Soon the crew are fighting desperately with the Herald’s sails, lightning flickers about the mast, and the hurricane screams through the rigging. One of the crew, eyes wide with panic shoves you below and shouts at you to stay there until the storm is past. The ship lurches and sways madly, driven pell mell before the winds, the rain beating on the deck and the roaring wind filling the hull with noise so loud you cannot hear one another. How long this lasts you cannot tell, and then, unbelievably, a louder noise assaults you. The hull bucks as it is struck a thunderous blow, hurling you and every loose object below decks upwards, and tearing great jagged rents in the hull timbers. To your horror, you realise the Herald of Eagles has crashed. In the maelstrom of water, shattering timbers and howling winds, you desperately grab at any solid objects you can lay hand to. As the ship is torn apart, you lose consciousness…

If that's not enough for you; we're going to be using the prototype V.4 rules, which add a few interesting new wrinkles to the gameplay. Character creation and the first part of the adventure will commence on the 11th.

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