Sunday, 1 May 2016

Warmachine Mk.III Slow-grow Journeyman League

Warmachine, the highly popular game of steam-powered magically controlled giant robot enriched skirmish goodness is about to be updated to it's 3rd edition. So is it's companion game of giant angry monster riddled mayhem, Hordes. This is a great time to jump on board and build up an army while learning the new version of the rules.
One way to do this is a Slow-grow league (which is similar to our approach to MTG). In a slow-grow league, players start by buying a Battle Box starter army, and add to it as the weeks go by. In the official Journeyman format the league lasts for six weeks, and armies grow up to 35 points. You score points for painting models and for playing games, all of which go to earning you badges and glory. I was thinking of running things in a modified format, which would last longer to ease the costs involved and make things more manageable for first-time army builders. We'd probably run for a school term plus adjacent holidays, so twelve weeks.
This would be a great way to get some miniatures gaming happening at GG - Warmachine needs a maximum table size of 4'X4' (120cmX120cm), and smaller games can be played on smaller tables. It is one of the more affordable games since armies are fairly small, and the rules system is robust, well written and action packed. We can run some learn-to-paint sessions at GG for those who are interested - Battle Boxes are built around Warjacks and Warbeasts, both of which are large models and a good place to start learning to paint.
Who would be interested in such a league?
Leave comments below if you're up for it.


  1. Forsooth! I find myself most interested in this slowly growing league! I shall cause Cryx to become painted and send them forth to do my vile bidding.

  2. "I played some Hordes at Get Geeked on the weekend and know how to play. I would be interested." - Riley Smith

  3. I shall create a formidable army any take them into glorious combat!