Monday, 18 May 2015

Little Wars Melbourne 2015

Little Wars Melbourne 2015 is just around the corner! On may 31st, Moorabin Town Hall will be stuffed to the rafters with mighty gaming geeks, gaming gloriously!
And Toppy is running stuff!

Over the course of the day, a complete four-game A Song of Blades and Heroes campaign will take place! Will you help Prince Imraldiir of the Blessed Peacock and his sneaky Wood Elves defend their native oak trees against Goblin lumberjacks? Or will you take sides with Bzak Butt-Scratcher, chief of the Flatulent Mountain Goblins and try to fell the trees for your own fell purposes?
  • Play over all new terrain built especially for the occasion!
  • Play using almost all new figures painted especially for the occasion!
  • Roll dice!
  • Lead your armies to glory!

Have you ever wanted to cram two (yes! two!) Rampage sets together to play eight-way Kaiju carnage? Or do you yearn to experience Tsuro, or the sweet sweet taste of noshing down on skyscrapers in King of Tokyo? Mad Juzzy the Flutist will be running a table featuring a veritable bonanza of boardgames! Rousing cheers!

Young Brad provides an introduction to role playing, in the form of a stand-along Dice Chucker session set in Harran! Take on the role (and partial costume!) of one of six mighty heroes, and set out on a perilous quest involving skyships, lighthouses, goats and pirates!
  • Play over new maps!
  • Play using new paper figures made especially for this event!
  • Roll dice!
  • Learn rules!
  • Achieve VICTORY!

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